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15+ Best Dandelion Killer – Full Guide, Tips & Tricks

15+ Best Dandelion Killer – Full Guide, Tips & Tricks

If you want to prevent dandelion growth on your lawn, you need to get the best dandelion killer. It takes some time to kill weeds and also some minutes to become rainproof. Dandelion killers are safe for your children and pets, and it is an effective weed killers in warmer weather.

Dandelion is an annual plant with a tall taproot and yellow flower heads. Typically, dandelions bloom during the spring and summer. They produce several seed-bearing spheres per flower. When cut, these seeds are blown by the wind and can spread up to several miles. However, before using a dandelion spray, you should be aware of its growth habits. Dandelions grow in all types of soil, including concrete, and are common in grasslands. They thrive in full sunlight and dry conditions. They will grow in some shades as well.

When choosing a dandelion spray, you must determine whether you are dealing with a post-emergent herbicide or a pre-emergent herbicide. Post-emergent herbicides are applied to weed-infested areas in one application. They can leave patches of residue if not applied properly. Apply the herbicide liberally to the entire area and make sure to cover all of the weeds.

1. Espoma Organic Weed Preventer & Dandelion Killer

Weed preventers are organic weed control solutions that cover a larger area with less product. They release organic proteins that prevent weed roots from stabilizing. This prevents weeds from coming back again. Espoma organic weed preventer works best when applied as directed. All you need is a hose attachment and to set the dial in ‘on’ to start killing weeds.

Espoma Organic Weed Preventer

One of the best-selling dandelion kill solutions is Espoma Organic Weed Preventer. This weed prevention works by killing the seeds of a dandelion. Unlike conventional weed killers, it won’t harm grass, plants, and animals. Its natural formulation contains cor gluten meal, which helps feed lawns and creates a beautiful deep green color.

A 25-pound packet of Espoma Organic Weed Preventer is enough for an average-sized lawn. It provides nutrient-rich nutrients and kills common weeds without killing existing weeds. It also contains no harsh chemicals. It’s safe for pets, and has a five-year shelf life. If you’re concerned about your lawn’s safety, Espoma is the best organic weed preventer available.

2. Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed 3 

The WeedGrip Technology in Scotts Turf Builder Weed – and Feed – 3 gives up to 2X more sweeping weed control. By feeding and thickening your lawn, this product crowds out weeds. The powerful weed control means less time spent spraying, mowing, and tying up. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly, too!

This post-emergent weed killer and fertilizer is designed to kill major lawn weeds. You can apply it to your lawn in late spring or early fall and wait 30 days to reapply the product. It’s safe to reapply the product up to two times a year, depending on the weather. It’s highly effective against dandelions, clover, and other weeds, including ragweed.

Scotts Turf Builder Weed

This product contains post-emergent herbicides Dicamba and Mecropop to effectively kill weeds. These herbicides attack roots to destroy weeds. You can apply Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed 3 Dandelion killer evenly to your lawn to get optimal results in 4-6 weeks. It takes approximately 24 hours to reach the maximum weed-killing strength, so you should wait a full 24 hours before watering it.

3. Preen Garden Dandelion Killer & Weed Preventer 

This broadleaf weed preventer is safe to use around established plants, ground covers, trees, and shrubs. Because it contains a protective barrier beneath the soil, it can be applied to both new and old plantings. You should avoid applying the product to flower seeds. Preen Garden Weed Preventer for Dandelion Killers is best applied early in the spring before weeds are actively growing.

Preen Garden Dandelion Killer & Weed Preventer 

Preen Garden WeedPreventer for Dandelion Killers is a patented, environmentally safe herbicide that works by preventing weeds from germinating in the soil. It kills weed seeds before they grow, making it completely safe for your dog. Many weed killers are toxic for dogs, but Preen is made with a pet-safe ingredient called corn gluten meal. It can tackle up to 470 different weed species. Also, it is rainproof within five hours after application.

This product is a post-emergent herbicide, which means that it works by preventing weeds from growing. The active ingredient in this product needs to reach the weed’s root to kill it. The effectiveness of these herbicides depends on the weather conditions, so you should apply them early in the growing season. If you want to use a dandelion preventer at the end of the growing season, make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

4. Environmental Factor Green-It Liquid Corn Gluten

Environmental Factor Green-It is one of many corn gluten dandelion killers that can be used on lawns. The product is a spray that works well against weeds and prevents new ones from sprouting. Green-It is safe to use on your lawn and can be applied using a spreader. It is recommended to apply it on grassy areas at least two to three times a year.

Environmental Factor Green-It Liquid Corn Gluten

The Environmental Factor Green-It Liquid Corn Gluten Weed Preventer is a unique product that combines 20 years of scientifically-proven Corn-Gluten Meal with the convenience of a spray able liquid. It protects your lawn against dandelions and other broadleaf weeds while maintaining the effectiveness of Corn-Gluten Meal. The product is safe for children and pets.

5. Bayer Natria Grass & Weed Killer

Bayer Natria grass & weed killer is a weed killer that kills tough invasive bushes and dandelion roots without damaging your lawn or garden. This Dandelion Killer is safe for all surfaces. It can be applied at any time of year. It’s particularly effective for controlling moss, grass, algae, and brush. It does not damage concrete or mulch. Also, it is non-toxic and can be used on lawns, gardens, and patios.

Bayer Natria Grass

It comes in a 64-ounce ready-to-use spray bottle. It works best when applied at the earliest sign of weed growth. Its fast-acting formula demonstrates results in as little as 20 minutes. It is rainproof within three hours. And it’s bio-based, so it won’t harm the environment. It’s also safe to use around pets and children.

In comparison to Roundup, Natria’s weed-killing ability is similar to that of Roundup. But unlike Roundup, Natria has a non-selective composition that kills a wide variety of weeds and grasses. This makes it easier to apply to infected areas. This product is EPA-registered and is not recommended for use on delicate plants.

6. Southern Ag Surflan A.S. Specialty Herbicide

Another effective weed killer is Southern Ag Surflan A.S. Specialty Herbicide for Dandelion Killing. This is not safe to use in an edible area. It’s an effective pre-emergent dandelion and broadleaf weed killer. It may also kill grasses. It is required to apply this herbicide three times a year for year-round coverage, or twice in regions where winter chills are common. While the herbicide is effective in delaying the germination of weed seeds for up to four months, users should use appropriate protective clothing when spraying and follow the directions on the label.

Southern Ag Surflan A.S. Specialty Herbicide

This granular herbicide is effective against dandelions. It is a pre-emergent herbicide for up to 4 months, eliminating a variety of annual and broadleaf weeds. Its active ingredient is oryzalin, which inhibits the growth of weeds by blocking cell division. This herbicide is safe for ornamental turf and can be applied using a backpack sprayer, hand pump sprayer, or ground application equipment.

This weed killer is orange in color and may cause temporary discoloration of treated surfaces. Keep this herbicide away from children and domestic animals. Use caution when spraying it because it can harm certain plant species. While it was legal for use in South Carolina at the time of publication, it was not approved for use in other areas. Follow the instructions on the label and be sure to wear appropriate protective clothing and gloves while spraying or mixing this product.

7. Bonide Weed Beater & Dandelion Killer

A post-emergent weed killer, Bonide Weed Beater and Dandelion Killers is an effective solution to the common weed problem. This product has the ability to kill over 200 broadleaf weeds while remaining completely safe for people and pets. It also works well in cool temperatures. Bonide Weed Beater for Dandelion Killers comes in convenient Ready-To-Use and concentrate formulas.

Bonide Weed Beater

One gallon of Bonide Weed Beater for Dandelion Killers covers up to 165 square feet. The spray is water-resistant, and it is rainproof hours after application. This product is also ideal for treating lawns in southern areas. It doesn’t harm grass when applied correctly. It is available in concentrate or ready-to-use forms. For one acre, 32 ounces will do the job.

8. Spectracide Vegetation Killer Concentrate3

Spectracide Vegetation Killer is a fast-acting herbicide that will kill weeds and prevent new growth for up to a year. The formula is rainfast within an hour and will not wash away. It can be applied directly to bare ground. It is also suitable for application on sidewalks and driveways. For extra protection, use Spectracide Vegetation Killer Concentrate on pavement cracks, paving stones, and sidewalks.

Spectracide Vegetation Killer is a broadleaf weed killer that is designed to target weeds. The product works by targeting weeds at the root, resulting in the complete destruction of the plant. The amount of Spectracide Vegetation Killer Concentrate3 to apply to the affected areas depends on the square footage and the application method. For the most effective application, apply two to three gallons per acre of land.

Spectracide Vegetation Killer Concentrate3

Spectracide Vegetation Killer is a concentrated form of this pesticide that works to kill all types of plants and grasses. It is perfect for cracks in the pavement, and will even kill broadleaf weeds and dandelion flowers. It will quickly kill weeds and grasses without the side effects of a harsh chemical. This product is made for outdoor residential use.

9. Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer 

The exclusive blend of ingredients in Ortho Weed B-Gon Max Concentrate allows it to kill even the toughest weeds. When used as directed, this weed killer will never harm your lawn. The concentrated formula is highly effective, but it’s safe for your lawn and pets as well. To find out if Ortho Weed B-Gon Max Concentrate is right for your lawn, read on for more information.

Ortho Weed B Gon Weed Killer

Ortho Weed B-Gon Lawn Weed Killer is a ready-to-spray formula that kills more than 250 invasive weeds. The formula is environmentally friendly and water-resistant for one hour, making it safe to use on both southern and northern lawns. It’s also easy to apply, thanks to its waterproofing and weed-killing properties.

This ready-to-use weed killer kills tough weeds, including Chickweed, Ground Ivy, and Oxalis. Its easy-to-grab bottle makes it convenient for broadcast applications. It’s also effective on lawns with a variety of weed types, including grasses. Ortho Weed B-Gon Max Concentrate kills these invasive plants without harming your lawn.

10. Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

This 20% Vinegar Weed & grass killer packs a punch! This biodegradable, OMRI-listed product is approved for organic use. It’s biodegradable and effective at controlling weeds without glyphosate. It also is approved for organic use. This makes it a safe alternative for gardeners concerned with the environmental effects of glyphosate.

Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed

This herbicide has a 20% concentration of acetic acid, which is four times stronger than traditional table vinegar. It’s safe to spray on your lawn and pet’s furry friends. The green gobbler vine weed killer is non-toxic. The weeds will die within 24 hours of application. It can be purchased on Amazon. Weeds and grass are killed in just 24 hours, so it’s an effective solution for many weed control challenges.

This product is safe to use around your pet, but it should be applied in small amounts. Don’t forget to dilute the product before using it on your dog or cat’s fur. It is best to dilute Green Gobbler Weed & Grass Killer with water or milk if you have small children or pets. It doesn’t affect the roots and will prevent plant growth for seven to four years. This Dandelion Killer is one of the best and can also be safely used around kids and pets.

This product is certified organic and is made from pure corn grain. It dries plants fast. This natural weed killer is safe for your pets and is made from organic corn, unlike conventional pesticides. It’s also biodegradable and organically accredited. Best of all, it comes with a handy spray nozzle that makes it easy to apply.

11. Ortho Groundclear Vegetation Killer And Dandelion Killer

You can use either chemical or organic dandelion killers. Chemical killers work more effectively but can be harmful to children and pets. Organic dandelion killers take longer to work, so you may need to apply them more than once. Organic killers kill dandelions and other weeds from a wide range of distances. They are safe for use on bare skin but may have negative effects on nearby plants and pets.

Ortho Groundclear Vegetation Killer

Ortho Groundclear Vegetation Killer comes premixed and comes with a precision spray wand for precise application. The herbicide has a one-year residual effect and can treat an area of up to 400 square feet. Once dried, the herbicide remains less toxic, which minimizes the risk of regrowth. It is safe to use and you can purchase it online.

Using Ortho Groundclear Vegetation Killer in your garden will prevent weed growth for up to a year and prevents regrowth after treatment. You can use it on large areas or small areas, and it is easy to apply, making it the best Dandelion killer. It also becomes rainproof 15 minutes after application and kills any plant it comes into contact with.

12. Gordon Trimec Lawn Weed Killer

Gordon’s Trimec Lawn Weed Killers contain three-way herbicides. It kills a variety of broadleaf weeds without harming the grass on your lawn. These herbicides are ideal for lawns with large areas. A gallon of the product will cover up to 32,000 square feet of lawn in a northern climate and up to 64,000 square feet in a southern one.

Gordon Trimec Lawn Weed Killer

For a more controlled weed control program, you can apply Gordons Trimec Classic Broadleaf Herbicide. It controls more than 90 broadleaf weed species and does not harm most turfgrass species. You can use Trimec in two applications a year, with each application separated by 30 days. If you are unsure of how much to apply, read the product’s label to find out.

Gordon Trimec Lawn Weed Control is a post-emergent herbicide that kills broadleaf weeds without harming the grass. However, you should not apply Trimec directly to the lawn, as this herbicide will not prevent weed seeds from sprouting. The product contains a mixture of two-D, Mecoprop, and Dicamba. In addition to these three active ingredients, Trimec also contains Quinclorac.

The Broadleaf Weed Killer is a broadleaf weed killer that can kill over 200 kinds of invasive species. This weed killer is also very effective in killing poison ivy and oak. Broadleaf Weed Killer is an excellent product for homeowners concerned about safety. It will kill nearly any weed on your property. Using the Broadleaf Weed Killer will keep your family and pets safe from the toxins contained in these weed killers.

Final Thoughts

There are several options available when choosing the best dandelion killers for your yard or farm. Depending on your needs, you can choose the basic models that cover between 1000 and 5000 square feet of lawn. You can also choose heavy-duty units that cover 40000 to 60000 square feet. These products will kill dandelion and ragweed in a matter of days. They are effective at killing them well.



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