How To Preserve Roses With Hairspray (6 Steps)

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If you want to prolong the life of your roses, you might want to spray them with hairspray. This is a less common method, and it works best when used together with air drying.

You can use ordinary hairspray to spray the rose petals, leaves, and stems. The spray will help hold the petals together and prevent them from falling off when you hang them upside down.

Do Hairspray Make Roses Last Longer?

Hairspray is a common household item that helps keep flowers in place. It can also help your flowers last longer by preventing them from wilting. It works best on large, robust blooms with heavy petals and an open blooming style. Smaller flowers, however, will last longer when sprayed with the product.

Do Hairspray Make Roses Last Longer

Roses can also be preserved with a hairspray spray. This helps them retain their original shape and color. However, it does not affect their scent. Roses preserved in hairspray will not become rubbery, dark, or brittle. They will remain fresh for up to a month.

Hairspray can also preserve roses by preventing them from decomposing. It should be sprayed into the space between the petals at least 20 cm away, and then allowed to dry. Afterward, the roses are ready for use! If you don’t have time to wait for your roses to dry, you can hang them upside down in a dark place.

In addition to using hairspray on roses, you can also preserve them by freezing them. Although this method is not ideal, it can preserve your flowers for several years. Hairspray can help your roses last longer by making their petals thicker and giving them a more refreshing look.

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How Do I Preserve My Roses Permanently?

Several different techniques are available for preserving roses. One method involves covering them with a silica gel. The gel helps to preserve the shape and color of the rose. Leaving the rose in the solution for about two to three weeks is enough to preserve it. Once the rose has dried, you can remove the silica gel using a cotton swab.

Hairspray is a popular method for preserving flowers, and it works well for a wide range of types. It can keep flowers fresh for weeks, if properly applied. Before using it, be sure that your flowers are completely dry – hairspray can damage them if they are damp.

How Do I Preserve My Roses Permanently

Also, choose a light or medium-hold hairspray; stronger sprays will damage your flowers. Also, spray your flowers from around 12 inches away, and use short bursts of spray rather than a steady stream.

Another way to preserve roses is by air drying them. The first step is to thoroughly clean and dry the stems and leaves. Then, remove the leaves from the stem. The leaves contain too much moisture and will not dry out properly. The roses should then be placed upside down in a cool, dark place to air dry. The air-drying preservation process will take seven to ten days.

Once you have decided on the type of preservation method, the next step is identifying where you will be placing the roses. They should be kept in a cool place out of the direct sunlight. This way, they won’t fade too much. You may also want to keep them away from large glass windows or doors.

Why Should I Preserve Roses?

Roses can be used for a variety of purposes when it comes to preserving them. For example, they are excellent for making wreaths and other floral arrangements.

Why Should I Preserve Roses

Some people also preserve them for use in perfumes or potpourri. These flowers are also beautiful when placed in a glass cloche. You can even use these preserved roses as coasters.

How To Preserve Roses With Hairspray

One of the easiest ways to preserve a rose is to spray it with hairspray. It can be used to spray the petals, stem, and leaves of roses. This will help them hold their shape and keep them from falling off when they are hung upside down.

Roses can be preserved in this way for weeks. To use hairspray, hold the can approximately five to ten cm away from the flower. Next, spray the flower with the hairspray, alternating coats.

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How To Preserve Fresh Roses With Hairspray

From the beautiful rose color to it refreshing scent, preserving your fresh roses with hairspray preserves both the color and the scent alike, so this is a genuinely safe method to preserve the fragrance and appearance of your roses. The steps involved in the preserving process is as follows;

How To Preserve Fresh Roses With Hairspray

    1.  Find the best place to put your fresh flowers to dry them. A dark and cool place is the best option. You need to make sure that you are not going to be taking them out of this place for at least one to two weeks.
    2.  Prune your rose flower as usual, cut away extra leaves from the stem.
    3. Get your jars or vase prepared and filled with water (not to the brim though, ¾ of the jar is enough)
    4.  Take some hairspray and spray the rose lightly from top to bottom at a distance of 5-7 inches, making sure that all the petals are covered in it
    5.  This is when your dark and well-ventilated space comes in, hang them upside down in this cool dry place until they dry up (which should be in a week or two depending on your flower).
    6. Put your flowers in the jar and repeat the process as necessary.

How To Preserve Dried Flowers With Hairspray

Dried flowers can also be preserved using hairspray, this will make sure the colors are well preserved and increases it color strength so it doesn’t fade off quickly and easily. This process is a very quick and easy process. The process involves:

How To Preserve Dried Flowers With Hairspray

    1. Get your dried flowers
    2. Spray it gently with the hairspray ( make sure the spray isn’t too close to the flowers to avoid damaging the delicate petals).
    3. Hang the flowers upside down to dry up for two weeks

You can repeat the process regularly to continue enjoying the fragrance of your flower


One of the easiest ways to preserve roses is to spray them with hairspray and hang them upside down. This method will work for most flowers, especially delicate ones, as long as you spray them with a sufficient amount of the stuff. This will help them retain more color, strength and beauty. Then, you can use your preserved roses as desired.

The hairspray technique is an excellent choice for preserving flowers as it does not darken their color or make them rubbery. Additionally, it will preserve the shape of the rose. However, it does not preserve the scent.

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