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If you are looking for a unique way to display your plants, consider using a Window Plant Shelf. These shelves are great for decorating plants in front of windows and can be built to fit any space. Using a wood 2×2 piece, you can create a sturdy skeleton that will support the plants on top. You will also want to allow for 3/4” of extra depth to fit a board on top of the shelf.

How Do You Make A Hanging Window Plant Shelf?

To make hanging plant shelves, you must first determine the size of your window. Measure both its length and depth. After this, cut a 2×2 wood piece according to the window dimensions and subtract 3/4″ for the depth. This will allow you to put the board on top.

These window shelves are great way to display your house plants and keeps them off the floor. It does not require any expensive materials, and it will add personality to any room. You can construct it easily with only a few tools. If you are creative enough, you can even make one from rope or wood.

Hanging Window Plant Shelf

Hanging plant shelves is an easy and stylish way to display your plants and dry items. With two oval hooks and a shelf hanger, you can install it on any window. You can decorate it with small figurines, leaves, and other decorative elements.

How Do You Decorate A Plant In Front Of A Window?

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your window space is by adorning a plant shelf with plants. Plants on a window shelf receive natural light and a cool breeze, and they are also very low-maintenance.

Window shelves can be excellent choice for workspaces as the natural light and breeze will make your work environment feel more pleasant. In addition to potted plants, you can also attach a planter box to your window. These boxes are often made from cedar planks and decorated with lattice pieces for a more beautiful look. Choose colorful flowers to keep your shelf from looking too bland.

Decorate A Plant In Front Of A Window

Another way to enhance the appearance of your window plant shelf is to use clear acrylic shelving. This material is transparent and will allow light to shine through. It will also give your shelves an airy, stable appearance. It measures 18 inches wide by 30 inches high, with three shelves. This material is also easy to install, thanks to wall-mounted hooks.

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How Do You Organize Plants Around Windows?

A great way to maximize the natural light coming in your home is to place plants around your windows. If you don’t want to cover the view, you can place the tallest plants on the sides of the windows and shorter ones in the center. This way, tall plants can frame your window and cover boring parts of your view, while short plants can draw attention to the focal point.

Types Of Window Plant Shelf

If you’d like to add a window plant shelf to your home, you can find several types that will suit your needs. There are floating shelves that can be mounted directly to the ceiling or on the top of your window frame.

These shelves can also be offset to accommodate tall plants. You can also find pre-made tiered shelving that is designed for hanging in your windows. Another type of these shelves is a fixed plant shelf, which can be installed across the windowsill or in the frame.

Suction Cup Shelves

Suction cup window plant shelves are a great solution for anyone looking for extra space for their plants. They have three suction cups that can hold up to eight pounds of weight, making them very stable and strong. Not only can you place your plants on them, but they will also protect them from cats and other creatures.

Suction Cup Shelves

Window plant shelves can be installed in a variety of ways. Some are hung above the window sill, while others are suction-cupped directly to the window glass. Whichever you decide, make sure to think about the number of plants you will display and the aesthetics of the room.

When choosing a window shelf, choose a color that complements the rest of the room. White and black are both popular colors. If you want a minimalist look, try choosing a clear shelf. If you don’t want to cover up the window completely, go for a translucent shelf.

Another benefit to using a suction shelf is its portability. If you can put it anywhere, you can easily transport it to another location. You can also use it for other purposes as well, like displaying photo frames and record albums. You can even use it on smooth tiles. It’s a great solution for those who want to have their window display in a convenient, portable place. You can use a window shelf to display items such as magazines, candles, or even a plant!

Metal Shelving

Installing metal shelving for window plant shelves requires a little assembly. First, you need to drill a few holes in the wall. After that, you’ll need to screw the bolts into the wall. Once the bolts are tightened, use washers and wing nuts to secure the shelves to the wall. After the shelves are attached, you can place your plants on them. If you’d like to install multiple shelves, you can reverse the installation process by placing one on top of the other.

Installing metal shelving for window plant shelves

Metal shelving is also a great option if you have heavier pots to place on them. You can also attach metal shelving to the wall using hooks. Single-rail pipe shelving is also a good choice if you’re a fan of industrial chic. And if you’d like a minimalist look, you can also place a wooden box shelf unit under a window.

Alternatively, you can also hang the shelf from the ceiling. You can make this DIY project more appealing by using decorative plants or ceramic pots. These will filter the light in the room, adding some flair to your window. Besides being beautiful, greenery also has the added benefit of purifying the air and improving your mood.

Acrylic window shelves are also an option. These shelves are more durable than glass and don’t yellow when exposed to sunlight. They also look minimalist and are less expensive. They make it look like your plants are floating in the air. You can combine dangling plants with other smaller plants to create a beautiful arrangement.

Installing a window plant shelf is easy and can increase the curb appeal of a single-story home. Plants add color and texture to the home and are relatively low-maintenance. They will also provide plenty of air circulation and sunlight.

Custom-Fitted Shelving Unit

If you’re looking to add windows plant shelf to your shelving unit, you have several options. A floating shelf attached to the frame of the window is a great choice, and a hanging shelf is another great option. Both of these options will help you display items near your window, whether it’s a string of pearls or a mini plant.

Custom-Fitted Shelving Unit

If you’d rather have a more modern, geometric look, you can always go for a geometric plant container. These are especially good for those who have a geometric-specific decorating scheme. Floating plant shelves are also an excellent option for small homes because they don’t take up too much wall space. They can also serve as a focal point of a room.

Another option is a wooden A-frame shelf. This style offers a homely aesthetic against the greenery. To make your own, you can use an old wooden step ladder and a couple of 2×4 wooden planks for the legs and shelves. If you’re not comfortable using tools, you can reuse an old wooden plant stand as a plant shelf.

Depending on the size of your window, you can choose the size of the window plant shelf you want. Some shelving units can be placed above or below the window, and others are positioned vertically. Using the shelves as a window sill or storage cabinet is another great option.

Benefits Of The Window Plant Shelf

Putting a window plant shelf on your window can have several benefits. Not only will it save you space but it also filters the sunlight in the room. This type of shelf can be made from wood and is held together by a thin rope. It is made to hold a pot of plants and is a cute addition to your room.

The sheles can be made to look appealing by using ceramic pots. Besides adding aesthetic appeal, it will also provide your home with fresh air and a better mood. For example, if you live in a place with large windows, you can use the window plant shelf to display a range of trailing greens.

Benefits Of The Window Plant Shelf

Another benefit of a window plant shelf is that it can help you store a variety of items. You can easily find shelves online that are designed for windows. You can also buy custom-made shelves that fill the recess in your window. Another option for window plant shelving is a wooden box shelf unit. These units can be used to display two houseplants or fill the entire window area.

Another benefit of these shelves is that they keep your plants safe. If you have a cat or dog, they may be tempted to eat your plants. A plant shelf is an affordable solution to this problem. It will protect your plants from any unwanted visitors and will also keep your pets away.

Window plant shelves are a great way to add greenery to your home. These shelves are great for hanging potted plants. You can also keep plants inside while not in use.

The Best Window Plant Shelf You Should Try

If you’re in the market for plant shelves, there are a number of options to choose from. You can go with the fixed hoop wall hangers, glass or plastic window shelf, or even a transparent shelf with blinds. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully.

1. Hanging Pots On A Long Wood Branch

When you are looking for a way to make the most of your window space, one great option is to use a driftwood branch as a plant shelf. A long driftwood branch can be strung up from the ceiling and be the perfect size for growing plants.

Hanging Pots On A Long Wood Branch

Alternatively, you can use a single rail pipe shelf and hang multiple wooden shelves from it. This is a great idea for small windows or those with little wall space. You can even use a single rail pipe shelf to grow different types of flowers or herbs.

2. Window Boxes For Plants

There are many styles and materials to choose from when you create window boxes for plants. You can add decorative items like miniature outdoor lights or interesting twigs. You can also choose to add colorful seedpods or slender dogwood branches. If you’re planting in a shady location, consider using a trailing plant like a heliotrope.

Window Boxes For Plants

Plants in window boxes need good drainage. It is best to use potting mix that has drainage holes, as over-saturated soil may cause root rot. Standard potting mix is available from garden centers or you can mix your own by mixing soil, sawdust, or bonemeal. Potted plants should be at least an inch apart. If they grow too close together, you may need to pinch or prune them.

3. Hanging Single Shelf With Hanging Plants Below

Hanging plant shelves are great for adding vertical interest to a room. They draw the eye upward and make rooms look taller and bigger.

Hanging Single Shelf With Hanging Plants Below

To choose the right one for your home, it is important to do some research before you make your purchase. You can easily compare features and prices on online stores such as Amazon.

4. Single Rail Pipe Shelf

Single rail pipe plant shelves fits perfectly in any corner. Its three socket tee fittings and 90-degree elbows give your plants plenty of sunlight. These shelves can be painted white or gold and look very industrial.

If you have smaller windows, a single rail pipe shelf is the best option. It is sturdy enough to support a variety of pots and is ideal for growing succulents. It is easy to install and makes for a lovely addition to your windows. If you’d prefer to display your plants in a more stylish way, you can make a wooden shelf from wooden planks and rope.

Single Rail Pipe Shelf

Another great idea is to build a corner shelf out of pipe. This is an excellent way to use unused corners and make the most of the space you have. The copper pipe is a beautiful accent piece, and if you’re not into the copper tone, you can paint it to match your decor. It’s easy to install and will add a stylish and functional element to any room. It can also be used as a desk or shelf, and comes with a built-in lamp. These shelves would work well in a small space, or even as a bedside table.

5. Tiered Window Plant Shelf

A Tiered Windows Plant Shelf is a simple and functional way to add greenery to your home. This simple piece of furniture is made of wood and holds a small pot of plants. It is usually hung on windows to give a room a fresh and airy ambiance. These shelves can also be used to display useful decorative items. For example, you can place a white wooden board in a corner of your kitchen. The upper shelf can be filled with potted plants, while the lower shelf is perfect for a ceramic bowl or vase.

Tiered Window Plant Shelf

Plants are beautiful, but they require special care. DIY windows plant shelf can make this task a piece of cake! First, decide on the size of wood you’ll need. This will be dependent on the size of your windows. Next, sandpaper and strain the wood until it’s smooth. Once that’s done, drill holes in the wood to hang the plants with ropes.

6. Hanging Tiered Window Plant Shelf

A Hanging Tiered Window Plant Shelf provides additional display space for your houseplants. It also keeps them off the floor and provides them with the natural light they need to thrive. You can purchase a hanging window shelf that hangs directly from the window sill or from a wall above the window. This type of window shelf is designed to support heavier plants.

Hanging Tiered Window Plant Shelf

A floating window shelf is another option. It can be installed on the top of a window frame and can be offset to accommodate plants that grow tall. A hanging window shelf is also available in a fixed form that can be installed across the window sill and into the window frame. The upper tiers can be fixed in place, so you can store more plants on them.

7. Hanging Window Shelf For Flowers

Installing a hanging window plant shelf is an easy way to display your flowers and plants. There are a few options to choose from, including hanging them above the window sill, installing them on the side of the window frame, or suction-cupping them to the window glass.

Hanging Window Shelf For Flowers

Which option you choose will depend on how many plants you want to display and how much weight you’re willing to put on them. You’ll need to weigh these factors against the aesthetics of the window shelf that you’re looking to install.

Another option is a fixed-in-the-wall pot insert shelf. These are similar to hanging shelves, but are more versatile and are available at garden centers and online. If you’re crafty, you can even make your own fixed-in-the-wall plant shelves. However, keep in mind that some commercially-made inserts may not be large enough for your favorite flowers or plants.

8. Salvaged Wood Plant Shelf

A Salvaged Wood Window Plant Shelf is an attractive space-saving addition to your window. This piece is easy to install and comes in five different sizes. Its small, non-scratch legs make it easy to place under windows. It’s the perfect place for a few potted plants, or you can even use it as a cat’s basking spot!

Salvaged Wood Plant Shelf

To install the shelf, first drill a 1/2-inch hole in the ceiling and insert a wing anchor. Make sure the anchor is securely fastened to the ceiling. Once secure, hang the shelf using a hook inside the window frame. The shelf will add a vertical touch to your window, drawing the eye upward. A vertical look makes a room seem taller and larger.

Another way to make a window plant shelf is to upcycle old furniture. You can make one out of a vintage console table or other wooden stands. Using an old ladder can serve as a sturdy base for the shelf. You can also use 2×4 wooden planks for the shelf units.

9. Table Under Window Plant Shelf

A Table Under Window Plant Shelf will add a functional element to your windowsill garden, without taking up valuable floor space. This type of shelf is usually found in department stores or offices, and can be used to display a variety of plants. You can place it inside the window, or hang it on the wall beside it. These shelves are easy to install, as they are typically mounted on wall hooks.

Table Under Window Plant Shelf

A fixed-pot-insert shelf is another great option. These shelves can be purchased online or at a garden center, or they can be custom-made to accommodate the specific plant you wish to display. Keep in mind, though, that commercially-available inserts may not be wide enough for your favorite plants. You can also make your own by hanging a macrame wall-hanging. These are beautiful and bring a touch of new-age magic to any room.

10. Fixed Hoop Wall Hangers

If you want a plant shelf that will not tip over, fixed hoop wall hangers are a great option. They have a basketball-style hoop design that will allow the rims of the plant pots to rest inside of the suspended hoop. These are especially useful for a window above the sink or other location where you may be concerned about tripping over the plants. They are also very attractive and will add a sense of modernity to your space.

Fixed Hoop Wall Hangers

Another great feature of fixed hoop wall hangers is that they can be opened or closed, which will allow you to adjust their height to suit your needs. You can also choose to install them directly into the wall above the window if you have a larger window or a lower window.

There are several different types of window plant shelves. Some are hung from the ceiling, while others are installed on the window frame itself. Another option is to use wing anchors to hang the shelf in the window. You must carefully thread the anchor through the hole in the ceiling and then twist it until it is secure. Once you have a sturdy anchor, you can now install a window plant shelf.

11. Mini Hanging Window Plant Shelf

A hanging plant mini shelf is a great solution for small windows and other places where space is limited. It’s simple to install and can hold a variety of flower pots. You can hang the shelf by using a single rail pipe or wooden planks. You can even use ropes or hang multiple shelves on the wall.

Mini Hanging Window Plant Shelf

For smaller windows, the mini hanging window plant shelf is an ideal solution. It allows you to place several potted plants side-by-side, or show off a collection of different types and colors. It’s similar to floating shelves, only much smaller. And since the shelf is transparent, you can better show off the flowers and plants.

12. Extended Indoor Window Plant Shelf

An extended indoor window plant shelf is a great way to keep plants close to your windows. This acrylic shelf is 20″ wide and 6″ deep, so it provides plenty of room for your plants. Its suction cups provide maximum support for your plants, and its unique load-bearing design helps them receive maximum sunlight.

13. Indoor Shelf With Macrame Planters

Macrame hanging planter shelf is a unique way to display your plants. It is made with cotton rope and pine shelf and has an edgy bohemian look. The macrame hanging planter shelf is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you have a low or high ceiling, it is a perfect fit for all of your greening projects. This hanging planter shelf is also a great way to save space in your home.

Indoor Shelf With Macrame Planters

This indoor plant shelf is easy to install and comes in a variety of sizes. A medium sized macrame hanger can accommodate three medium-sized planters. The macrame hanger can be attached to any hanger with ease. It is also available in a wide range of neutral colours.

Macrame planters are perfect for the indoors. These hanging planters are versatile and can be used to display plants, vases, books, or decorations. This plant holder can be hung from a wall or ceiling hook. It measures 50 inches tall and has a 12″ diameter wood shelf. Each rope is adjustable so you can move it to fit the height of the plant that you want to display.


When you are installing a window plant shelf, you should follow certain guidelines to keep it safe. First, make sure the shelf does not protrude beyond the window frame. Also, it should be installed so that the weight load of the pots on the shelf is not more than 20 pounds. Also, you should use light-weight materials such as resin pots to reduce the weight. You can also choose smaller pots so that they can be evenly distributed across the length of the shelf.

Plants are not only beautiful but they also require utmost care and attention. If you are not able to buy a window plant shelf, you can make one yourself. For this project, you will need some wood that fits the window size. Make sure to cut the wood smooth and strained. Next, make holes for the ropes.

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